Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can't Peddle Books Today!

Well, today was to be the day I was going to peddle "Adirondack Nightmare" in Tupper Lake.I was also going to pick up some checks from a few retailers in Wilmington who now carry the book. I trust could I not trust Fran Betters? So why am I here, blogging? Because Amanda's sick from school and she needs me at home. I have a sneaking suspicion she's stressing from school. She had a lot of homework last night and finished it but I think she's worn out. Anyway, she's not her usual bubbling-cup-of-sunshine self so it's good she's home.

I miss my drives into the Adirondacks. I'll get there eventually. I love my hybrid. I'm rambling.

Instead of peddling books I wrote a few letters, shamelessly promoting the book. Sent a free copy out to someone who might be interested. Got caught up on my emails from the self-publishing yahoo group I belong to. No one in the group is answering a question I posted so the heck with them for a while. A lot of them are going to the BEA in NYC so I can understand how they're a bit busy. I hope to be going next year, with another published book under my belt.

I see the book is now "in stock" on Amazon. Finally. I won't even go into what that took to do. Ok, if you want to know just email me. I'll tell you my secret. My printer rep is also supposed to make sure the book is listed with Ingram THIS WEEK. Gee, it's only been months.

As you can probably tell, I'm still working on the patience thing. It just takes too long.

Maybe I'll make a few follow-up phone calls. Take a nap with my daughter?

Now THAT'S the ticket.

Take care.

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Ulla said...

I think the book will be a success! I checked it out on amazon, looks amazing!