Monday, May 7, 2007

Lake Forest Senior Center - Adirondack Nightmare Presentation!

Well, we're getting ready for our very first book signing and presentation. It's on Tuesday, May 8th at the Lake Forest Senior Center in Plattsburgh, NY. It should last about 40 minutes with time for questions and signings afterward. I'm a bit nervous with my left ankle, it's not healing as well as the right one did. But my kids, Nick, the illustrator of the book, and Amanda are more than enough to cheer us on. It should be fun, there'll be students from Momot school who are pen pals with some of the residents of Lake Forest.

My mom, Beth Brush, is one of the pen pal mentors there. What a wonderful program it is. Lake Forest is such a great facility and we're lucky to have it in the area.

We haven't practiced together for the presentation yet. We're all to busy! My husband, Jim, will be working the DVD player as we have a short, trailer type of DVD. I just hope we get everything set up in time. Nick will be there for "illustrator" questions and Amanda will be there to help hand things out and to put stickers on any books which will (hopefully) be sold.

Time to update the web site and rehearse for tomorrow! Take care!

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