Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Book Presentation/Signing...Total Success!!

Well, our first book presentation and signing could NOT have gone any better. There were probably 40-50 people present at Lake Forest Community Center. Eleven students, who are pen-pals with some of the Lake Forest residents, were there for the show. Jim, my husband, manned the DVD and projector. Nick (my son and illustrator of the book), Amanda (my daughter and book helper/bookmark hander-outer) and my mom (book editor) sat in the front as contributors. Johnny Mitchell of Silver Lining Photography and Video (great friend, great neighbor, great photographer) was there to take pics for my web site and promos. I've never seen my mother so proud of me! The audience was completely engaged throughout, Jim told me after.

The presentation lasted about half-an-hour, then we had fun! We brought out some props and I did a Q&A session. The kids hands flew up in the air! I was able to reach out to every single one of them. I believe I've met an up-and-coming future President of the United States. I was honored to be with them. Their hopes and dreams keep me going.

Oh yeah, we sold some books, too :-)

Peace out.

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John said...

What a great time! It was a thrill being there to participate in the Presentation/Signing. The kids were captivated throughout. I'm sure that all of them will remember learning about the book and its author for years to come.

Johnny Mitchell