Friday, May 4, 2007

Adirondack Nightmare - On the Sly With Foxy!

Yesterday was an upbeat day for pushing the book. Got the book in a new store, The Mountaineer in Keene Valley. What a nice store, I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to see a large selection of authentic Adirondack knick-knacks, books, crafts and more.

Nick and I are being interviewed by the infamous Foxy Gagnon for his "On the Sly" TV program. The filming will be held at the Borders store in Plattsburgh. We're so grateful to him for this opportunity and there's a link to his very popular blog on this blog. Foxy was my middle school teacher and I'll always remember him as being one of the cool teachers. He is still cool!

Last night I put my daughter, Amanda, to bed as usual. I had our dog, Tiki, tucked under one arm and a pile of laundry in the other arm. Walking down the stairs, I felt myself begin to slip. I put my left foot out and managed to skip 3 or 4 stairs and toss the poor dog in the air.

Both of my ankles are sprained. The doctor said 7 to 10 days to heal. I don't think so.

We have our first book signing and presentation on Tuesday, May 8th and it's been promoted in all the local papers. This should be quite a challenge. My presentation is a very upbeat, "don't ever quit on your dream" presentation for kids. I guess I'll have to practice what I preach!

Time to ice the feet. Sheesh.

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