Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Book Order Form Is A Nightmare...With or Without The Adirondacks!

Well, now that I've had some downtime with the book, I decided to revamp my order form. It was suggested to me by a fellow blogger and she's right, mine was a mess.

Here's the new form. I think it's pretty straightforward and a bit neater. I haven't had any orders from my web site yet so I'm curious to see if this helps.

I also added a button to direct folks to this blog on each web site page. A blog button used to be on just my home page and I think that made things look inconsistent. I'd been putting it off, to be honest, as it's pretty monotonous!

Tomorrow, Nick and I will go to The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid for a signing with John Briant of the Adirondack Detective book series. It might be cool but I'd rather have that than heat any day. Here's to hoping the rain holds off!

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