Saturday, June 9, 2007

Win $100 Cash!

Well, Jim and I just flew back into Burlington from a business trip in Ohio. Nice people out there. They remind me a lot of "Dackers" (Adirondackers). We almost didn't make it as there was an "Orange Alert" at the Dayton Airport. We were there when it happened and were stuck in the airport for quite a while. They told us all to go in the bar and wait. Someone turned CNN on and there we were.

Here's what happened, according to "There were some tense moments at the Dayton International Airport after reports of a suspicious package had been found Thursday night. Officials said the front part of the airport was evacuated as a precaution and flights were allowed to land, but not take off. The package was found shortly before 7 p.m. and was later determined to be discarded phone books. Things returned to normal around 9 p.m. There were no injuries."

While sitting in the bar, sipping a glass of wine, I started writing about the incident. I mean, what if we were in the middle of a big story? That's how I think. Well, it looks like this is the story. End of story.

Now for the big news! Nick and I are giving out $100 in cash to someone who buys our book. Details are on our web site at Good luck to all who enter!

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