Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2nd Annual Adirondack Literary Awards

On Sunday, June 10th, Jim and I drove down to Blue Mountain Lake to attend the Adirondack Center for Writing's 2nd Annual Adirondack Literary Awards. This was for books copywritten in 2006. It was a lot of fun. On the way down we stopped at Adirondack Buffalo Company on Route 28N in North Hudson. Steve, the owner, was nice enough to bring in 10 books. What a great place they have there. Jim bought some buffalo steaks and we borrowed a cooler to keep them cold in the car.

When we got to the event, it was from 1 - 3 p.m., there were people milling about, chatting and eating the wonderful appetizers they had. Lemonade, wine, it was great. The books up for awards were all beautifully displayed in the center and it was interesting to see all of them. I believe there were a total of 17 books. Here's the winners:

Adirondack Mouse and the Perilous Journey by Irene Uttendorfsky
Judges: Danielle Hoepfl and Nancy Beattie

Lucy's Eggs by Rick Henry
Judges: Ellen Rocco and Joe Bruchac

Glacial Erratica: Three Poets on the Adirondacks, Part 2 by Elaine Handley, Marilyn McCabe, Mary Sanders Shartle
Judges: Maurice Kenny and Paul Pines

Schroon Lake by Lueza Thirkield Gelb
Judges: Bibi Wein and Jerry McGovern

Welcome to the Homeland by Brian Mann
Judges: Bibi Wein and Jerry McGovern

Oswegatchie: A North Country River by Christopher Angus
No Place I'd Rather Be: Wit and Wisdom from Adirondack Lean-To Journals by Stuart Mesinger
Judges: Bibi Wein and Jerry McGovern

Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains by Mark Bowie
Judges: Nancie Battaglia and John Radigan

Congratulations to all of them! It was quite a learning and humbling experience for me. Jim just loved the food. He must have had 5 or 6 (or more?) plates full. Our book will be up next year!


Dan said...

Hiya, Becky! How did I not find your blog sooner?

I got here the long way. I just published a design book (The Simplicity Cycle), and in the process of researching & marketing it, I found an online design school and got in touch with a couple of the instructors, one of whom is Ulla, and there on her blog was a comment by you!

Small world, eh?

Anyway, I hope all is well with you and your book. I finally got a copy of it for myself and am looking forward to making those michigans soon. :)

Rebecca Leonard said...

Hey Dan, great to hear from you! Between my web site, blog, book promoting, working, driving the kids all over the place, I don't know which way is up anymore!

Congratulations on your new book! You are amazing, how do you find the time? I'm working on my second one. I started it about a year and a half ago.

You bought a copy? Check out and enter yourself in our $100 sweepstakes! I'll let you know if it works out as a good promo or not.

Dan said...

Will do - and the time thing is a good question. I guess I don't sleep much (and I don't watch sports on tv). :)