Friday, November 2, 2007

Adirondack Nightmare Goes To Glens Falls New York!

Now that I finally have internet access again, I'm able to share some photos of our trip through the Adirondacks from just south of Plattsburgh, New York, to Glens Falls, New York and the HUGELY popular Chronicle Authors Fair. I think there were 130 attendees or something like that. It was a blast and, yes, we sold books.

Take care!


jen poco loco said...

Hi Rebecca

I just started working toward self-publishing my children's picture book and stumbled on your bog. How funny to see Glens Falls as the first posts. I grew up in Lake Luzerne but am now living in Costa Rica. You can see my blog on that at

I would love to talk to you about your self-publishing experience sometime. As I am writing a marketing plan, my biggest hmmm is how many books sales to guestimate? Any suggestions? By the way - who prints your books?

Keep up the good work!


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Yes, it IS a neat blog! Rebecca, send me a little pitch for it and I'll stick this in my newsletter,too! (I read your post on self-publishing.) My newsletter is Sharing with Writers and it is an interactive newsletter about all things publishing. You fit perfectly. Your visitors can subscribe by sending me an e-mail at hojonews @ (-: Please put "Subscribe" in the subject line.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Rebecca Leonard said...

Hi Jen,

I like your blog, you sound to be a very strong woman with a move like that!

I would need to know more about your book. My printer is Lightning Source, Inc., or LSI. They are a very safe, industry standard. Have you read Pete Masterson's "The Self-Publishing Manual"? I strongly recommend it if you haven't. I mean, read it before you even take one more step with your book!

We were just in Scotia yesterday and the trip is still beautiful this late in the season.

Take care, thanks for the comment.

carol said...

Hey, I was at the book fair too, in yellow sneakers. You sold books there? I'm jealous. love, carol

Rebecca Leonard said...

How great to hear from you! I dressed up as a witch (all black) for Halloween with...with orange high tops! You know we only sold books because of Nick's mask and the hat. I mean, come on, I know how to market MUCH better than I know how to write! Great to hear from you, buddy, thanks for the post. The first poem in your book made me cry.