Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MySpace, Marketing, Bookmooch...

Well, I've been busy. On MySpace. Wow, it takes a lot to get that set up. I'm still not finished, I think I'll never be finished and I also think that's the whole point of stay on it forever!

Here's a fun book marketing tip, I learned it from someone on a Yahoo group. You know all of the annoying mail you get with postage paid envelopes included? From credit card companies and such? Well, here's how to have some fun with it. I used to just throw the envelopes away, that is, until I ordered 3000 bookmarks. Hey, the price was great. The bookmarks didn't turn out all that well but I DID approve the proof online so it was "my bad". What I do now is I send a bookmark back in every prepaid envelope. Hey, they might as well get something for their money, right? I have no idea if I've made any sales or not.

I found a web site I just LOVE. It's called Bookmooch. I've been using it a while and it's great. You put in an inventory of books you want to get rid of, then request books you're looking for. There's no fees, you just need to pay shipping for the books you send out (not for the ones you request). I just love it.

Take care.

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