Sunday, April 29, 2007

Learning to Blog to Promote Our Adirondack Book

Ok, I've spent quite a few hours getting used to this blogging stuff. It's pretty fun! I changed my template so many times that I finally gave up and am happy 'nough with what I have now.

I need to learn how to connect with other bloggers in the region. Any suggestions out there? I'll take all the help I can get. I learned a lot by looking at other blogs and paying attention to what caught my eye. I think I need to learn to have some patience with blogging and not rush things.
I'm learning that labels are pretty important and when I rush, I miss labels.

I have a problem with patience. I'm working on it as fast as I can. Ha ha ha.

My husband, Jim, wants to know where the word "blog" came from. He thinks it's a weird name. He called me a "blog" and I told him I'm a "blogger" not a "blog". According to Peter from, it began in 1999. He writes, "'Blog' would have likely died a forgotten death had it not been for one thing: In August of 1999, Pyra Labs released Blogger. And with that, the use of blog grew with the tool's success."

So, I googled "Pyra Labs blogger" and came up with this link, It's an interesting article, you should check it out if you're a noob like I am. My son, Nick, told me recently that the new word for "newbie" is "noob". Feelin' groovy now, I am.

Ok, since I'm getting off topic, it's time to end my second post.

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