Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Author's Spring Office Cleaning - Part 1

My second book has a new title, The Hermit in the Hemlocks: A Ghost Story. It still takes place in the Adirondacks but I want to make it appealing to a larger audience so I'v given it a new title.

I'm also giving my office a much needed facelift. Running three businesses out of a 12x9 foot space isn't the easiest thing in the world. I'm very grateful for the space, though. It has a window!

I'm throwing junk away first. I'm on my fourth garbage bag full. 33-gallon sized bags! Boy, does this feel good. It's a lot messier and unorganized than I thought but I've come across a few surprises.

I've found a lot of information from the publication, book signings, author's fairs, marketing, publicity and so forth with my first book, Adirondack Nightmare. Tears gushed down my cheeks as I sorted through everything. I had no idea of the magnitude of ongoing support I had throughout this process. I'd like to thank some of those people now as I reread their letters, articles, emails and as I look at the photos they were kind enough to send to me. There's no order to this list...just going through the "keeper" pile on my desk!

Thank you Janet Duprey, Assemblywoman of the 114th District of the State of New York for your kind note.

Thanks, Frances Fairchild of the Chazy Public Library !

Thanks to the Momot Elementary School PTO for our first school presentation!

I have barely begun to thank those friends who have helped and supported me along the way. You have given me the inspiration to continue with a second book and to continue cleaning this office! I'll be posting more thanks next.

Take care.


Ulla said...

good luck!
i love ghost stories and the Adirondacks make one think of the past! can not wait to see how it comes out!

S.M.P. said...

Your subhead should read "its sequel."

Leon Basin said...

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Charlie Ruff said...

Wow, that's a lot of cleaning. I don't think I'd cope! lol.

john..... said...

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Tabatha said...

Hey, you have an amazing blog. I would love to speak to you about self publishing. Good Job!

Daneil Fletcher said...

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Benjamin said...

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jade said...

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Zoe-ella said...

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