Sunday, October 21, 2007

Goosebumps or Grossbumps?

I'm on Chapter 5 of the sequel to my first book, Adirondack Nightmare: A Spooky Tale in the North Country. This sequel is much longer and won't leave readers hanging as much as the first one did. My apologies for that, I rushed and was psyched to get it to print. A common mistake for first-time authors. So, I learned a valuable lesson. Quality!

I will write a very nice prologue in this second book to get readers up to speed as time has moved very quickly for William Durant. Here's his daughter, Reggie, the protagonist in my second book.

Well, Reggie has a step-brother who likes to read the "Goosebumps" series of books. I'd like to put this in the book but a question has come up. Do I need to get permission to use that word? If so, it might take forever and a day so, instead, should I use "Grossbumps" with the implication of, well, you know.

I kind of like the idea of Grossbumps because it cracks me up. We'll see what happens when I call the R.L. Stine folks. I'll let ya know.

Take care.


karen elder said...

Hello...Is the Adirondack Nightmare the same book as Adirondack Halloween? I saw them both on and wondered if it was the same just published under a diff. title?

Rebecca Leonard said...

No, they're two different books with different ISBN's, etc. Adirondack Nightmare is longer with more graphics and some original Adirondack Recipes. Adirondack Halloween is no longer in print.
Thanks for checking!

karen elder said...

Thank you Rebecca. With all the RAVE reviews Adirondack Halloween got, I am so disappointed to miss out on what I assume was a great story! Thanks AgaiN!

Rebecca Leonard said...

Your dilemna has been solved. Amazon has taken Adirondack Halloween off their site! Have a great day, Karen.

Carolyn said...

Hey Beck, who did the drawing of Reggie? That's very good!

Rebecca Leonard said...

You're still here! BFF forever! OMG, I sound like Carolyn and Mandy in my new book. Help!

The illustration was originally a royalty-free (yeah, right, at $170+ per year) clip art. We then put her into Paint, not Photoshop because it was a simple update and didn't want to corrupt the .jpg too much, and added the much needed freckles. This is what is known as a "run on sentence"!

Isn't she cute? I just love her.

Thanks, buddy. Sent in the credit form for the van. Gulp.